Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Once María José Rienda has come to school, the first thing she did was to give a press conference with the students responsible for the school magazine "Voice of íllora". Subsequently she passed by each of the classes in the center, and has responded to the questions students have been doing, signing autographs and making photos with children.
Later, about 11:30 ,the Street was opened by María José Rienda, located between the Primary school and the Secondary school, with the presence of the Mayor of íllora, Francisco Domene, the Councillor of Education, Dolores Moreno, and the Director of the Center, Olga Martinez. The ceremony was attended by the students of the school,clothing the skier in this very exciting time for her.
The street María José Rienda is the end result of a work project that began on March 8 of last year, in which students of different courses of the College proposed different names for famous women to name one of the streets of people.
Amongother names were proposed Marie Curie, Anne Frank, Pepita Jimenez (village teacher) and Maria Jose,known as Rienda. Following a referendum in which all students participated, the street was the aforementioned chosen. Finally took delivery of the minutes of the vote of the City Council representatives who have made possible the name of this street. It has certainly been a very exciting day for the entire educational community center, especially for children, because one of their dreams came true: that María José Rienda does name one of the streets of their village and meet its protagonist.
Íllora is a municipality in the province of Granada . As of 2010, it has a population of 10386 inhabitants.
It is a little rural village on the outskirts of Granada about a 30 minute drive away from all the fuss and the industrial work.
Íllora is situated at the heart of the sierra de Parapanda a small mountain range were you can enjoy lots of different walks, tours, picnics with its great views.
Íllora is getting more and more visitors and emigrants every year. Some just come on holiday to visit Granada to see the Sierra Nevada, the Alhambra.. but some come to see Íllora and its sites it has. Íllora and its surrounding villages has around 200 international emigrants from all over the world. People come here for the great weather, the lovely views, and the great way of life.
If you are visiting Íllora on holiday there are lots of things to do in Granada for Tourists, like : visiting the Alhambra, the beach, the Sierra Pelada horse riding school, the science park and many more!
The castle in Íllora is being restored and rebuilt after not being used for so many years.
The church in Íllora is falling down and needs to be fixed soon because it is very dangerous for the local people who live near it or whoever is just passing by, as something could fall straight on them.
The school in Íllora is a fully equipped bilingual school, were you can study maths, science, technology and geography in English. You can also choose to study French, Latin or Greek.
Every year the students of third of Eso that study French (equivalent to year nine in theUK), travel to France on an exchange and then their French correspondents travel to Spain to visit them and experience the Spanish life and the way of living. Each person stays in the correspondents house for a week or 10 days and lives life the same way as they do.
The students say it was a great experience and would love to do it again.
Recently their French correspondents visited them in Spain. While they were here they went to the Alhambra in Granada, the Albaycin, Local shops, the beach.. and each one did different thing with their families out of school hours.
When they left It was a very emotional experience for everyone, they had such an amazing time and they were very sad it had to end, although everyone arranged to meet again in the future.
Here are some memories and photos of the Spanish-French exchange:
The English department of the secondary school is organizing a trip to England next year for the students to practice their English at the Kent School of English, every two students will stay at a English families house for a week and go to English classes in the day and do sport, games and trips in the afternoon. The School hopes this will we as good of an experience as the French exchanges in the past years and the years to come.