Saturday, May 4, 2013


Welcome to our blog of Bilingual Coordination!!
First of all, I'll make a short introduction to show you how it works: the Bilingual Project started in our school 5 years ago and is carried out by the English, Science and Maths departments, offering to our students the possibility of learning these subjects (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and History) in both languages (Spanish and English).

It is offered in Secondary Education by the bilingual team: Lola Moreno (English), Ignacio Mancera (Maths), Jose Miguel Pérez (Geography and History), Francisco de Reyes (Physics, Biology), Fernando Carrricondo (Chemistry) and Silvia Quiñones (English).

Why do we think the Bilingual Project is important?
It gives the students opportunities to increase their level of English in order to communicate with people from other countries and introducing them to  new cultures.

We show here some of the activities that the students involved in the project have done during this year.

We hope you find this blog dynamic, interesting, useful and you enjoy reading it, I also hope it provides a way of sharing our experiences, concerns etc. 


            Lola Moreno (Coordinadora Proyecto Bilingue).